Care Wise understand the need for outstanding services to minimize instrument downtime and maximize reliability.

The most cost effective way to do this is through our service contracts, which include:

  • Free loaner instrument throughout the repair
  • Annual preventative maintenance 
  • Repair discounts
  • Free check source

If you have a problem or fault with your instrument or probe, you can send it to us for a full repair.

Care Wise will diagnose and repair the instrument as quickly as possible, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Rental systems and probes are available to minimize instrument down time. The most cost effective way to do this via our service contracts.

Swap Scheme - Now Available

Instead of waiting for your probe to be repaired, our new swap scheme offers you an immediate replacement.

We will ship you a newly refurbished probe to replace your old broken probe.

Minimum instrument downtime, no need to wait for a repair and all at a fixed cost.

Preventative Maintenance to ensure your system remains reliable.

We offer annual preventative maintenance checks on your instrument to ensure system reliability.

If you have a service contract in place we will send you a loan instrument during this period to ensure there is no instrument downtime.

Full training is given on delivery of the system, however refresher courses are available.

Contact us today for more information.


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