My patients trust me with their life...I trust my C-Trak

25th October 2016

Dr Danielle M. Duchini has over 11 years’ experience performing sentinel node biopsies. Having used various other gamma probe systems on the market, Dr Duchini trusts only the C-Trak to deliver the best results for her patients.

“Performing surgery on cancer patients brings a huge amount of responsibility.  The patient’s life is in my hands and they put their trust in me to remove all of the cancer. I have to be confident in the equipment I use, that's why it’s imperative I have a C-Trak.

I have found the C-Trak system to have optimal sensitivity which allows me to quickly and easily identify the sentinel lymph nodes. My experience using other gamma probes results in surgery taking up to 60 minutes longer, causing serious delays in theatre and extending the time the patient is under anesthesia.

Another great benefit of the C-Trak is its directionality and scatter elimination, this allows me to identify the location of the nodes with pin point accuracy. I don’t have to disrupt as much healthy tissue trying to find the lymph node, nor do I have to make large incisions, both of which allow for faster patient recovery.

Using a C-Trak really is the only way I can ensure the highest standard of care to my patients. I urge other surgeons looking at new gamma probes to do side by side comparison and really see the difference for themselves”