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A trusted and established manufacturer of gamma probe systems

Since 1986 Care Wise have been a trusted and established manufacturer of gamma probe systems. Previously based in Morgan Hill, CA, USA, the company has always been at the forefront of developments within gamma probe systems, especially those within sentinel node biopsies.

Care Wise Medical Products Corporation was established in 1986 and developed the original C-Trak® Surgical Guidance System. The product was designed for use by surgeons in identifying tissues which contain radioisotope label in procedures such as Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy.

The original C-Trak systems were used in the development of these procedures which were a revolution in the surgical management and treatment of breast cancer and melanoma.

Today, the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy is considered a standard of care and Care Wise devices continue to be used in these procedures, but also in other procedures such as parathyroid surgery and any other surgical procedure where detection of radioisotopes is desired.

Improved sensitivity and directionality

In 2000, Care Wise launched the C-Trak® Automatic Analyzer system which was quickly accepted by discriminating surgeons throughout the world as it offered ease of use but improved sensitivity and directionality to previous models and other gamma probes. The C-Trak® Automatic Analyzer is still in wide use today as its technology is preferred by many surgeons.

Unsurpassed directionality with our C-Trak® gamma probes

In 2010, Care Wise developed our fourth-generation gamma probe system, The C-Trak® Galaxy which is a touchscreen-based technology. C-Trak® Galaxy continues to use the C-Trak® OmniProbe® which is known for its sensitivity and unsurpassed directionality.

In 2015, Southern Scientific Ltd acquired the company. Previously the European distributor of Care Wise systems, Southern Scientific have years of experience and expertise. Southern Scientific are part of the LabLogic group who have offices all around the UK and USA, including a R&D facility alongside the likes of Boeing and Rolls Royce. 

Care Wise introduced the C-Trak Apollo, a wireless gamma probe, in 2021. Since its launch, this innovative probe has gained immense popularity, being widely adopted by both NHS and private hospitals across the UK. The C-Trak apollo continues to use the C-Trak® OmniProbe® known for its sensitivity and unsurpassed directionality.

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