Introducing the Seedseeker: a new solution for locating I-125 seeds

24th April 2024

In our latest video, Product Manager Lucy Farmer introduces our new source finder for detecting iodine seeds used in brachytherapy and radioguided surgery

The Seedseeker by Care Wise is a digital radiation meter for the detection of low-energy gamma radiation emitted by iodine seeds used in radioguided surgery. It has been specifically designed to provide a more accessible solution for contamination monitoring by being lighter, more robust, and more affordable than other detectors available but still with the same sensitive response.

The challenges of 125I seed custody

The small size and radioactivity of 125I seeds can pose safety challenges for theatres and Nuclear Medicine departments if they are inadvertently misplaced, disrupting procedures and leading to costly delays. The Seedseeker addresses this challenge with precision and efficiency.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into surgical workflows and help maintain seed custody, the Seedseeker is windowed to detect the gamma signature of 125I to swiftly locate any displaced seeds. This can reduce the need for time-consuming searches, immediate involvement of Nuclear Medicine personnel, and departmental workflow interruptions. It can easily be operated by staff within the OR or Pathology department.

Sensitive counting efficiencies

The quick and sensitive response needed to locate 125I seeds is thanks to the Seedseeker's CsI(Tl) Silicone Photomultiplier (SiPM) integrated detector. Commonly used in radiation detection and medical imaging systems, SiPMs have thousands of micron-sized avalanche photodiodes arranged in a custom-made array for optimal optical coupling with the source finder’s scintillation crystal. This reduces size and weight while maintaining counting efficiency, which is comparable to a Radhound or Mini Monitor.

A compact and ergonomic radiation monitor

Weighing just 223 g, the Seedseeker is comfortable to use and is operated with one hand – simply hold the trigger to switch on and point at any areas of interest. The solid-state SiPM detector and no cables mean increased instrument durability, reliability, and longevity.

The count rate is displayed in large clear numbers on the backlit screen with a bar scale underneath. Smart averaging software means that a steady display can be confidently read, whilst providing the quick response needed to ensure that seeds may be located easily and safely.

Find out more

You can find out more about the Seedseeker by watching our latest video or clicking the button below to speak to a product specialist directly to request a guided demonstration.