C-Trak Apollo gamma probe at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals

1st March 2022

The Apollo is being used to identify sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer surgeries

The C-Trak Apollo gamma probe is the latest in our range of Surgical Guidance Systems and detects radioactive isotopes during sentinel node biopsies, as well as parathyroid and tumour localisation. Miss Clare Rogers, Consultant Breast Surgeon and Clinical Lead at Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has been using the C-Trak Apollo to identify sentinel lymph nodes.

She was kind enough to share her experiences of the probe with us.

Total user control

The Apollo’s handset has been designed to improve the user’s experience with added functionality, which Miss Roger’s attested to; “I love being in control of counts from the handset and that it can be used wirelessly, which allows me to freely position the probe when counting without hindrance. The touchscreen display saving counts to be noted at the end of each case is so useful.”

Accurate and precise

The Apollo’s OmniProbe® is accurate and precise. Miss Rogers said; “The gamma probe is very sensitive and easy to use. I have not needed to use patent blue dye in lymph node biopsies since using it. I was immediately comfortable with the handset; it took me only one case to get used to the feel of it and the best way in which to hold it when doing a count.”

Great customer service

“The training supplied by Care Wise was really useful for knowledge on probe assembly and charging the instrument. I was shown how to toggle the probe’s setting between wide and narrow to eliminate Compton Scattering and make it more directional. Their customer service and support have been great!”

Find out more

You can learn more about the C-Trak Apollo by clicking the button below to speak with our product specialist directly and have a one-to-one guided session.