C-Trak Apollo wireless/wired gamma probe for sentinel node biopsies 

The C-Trak Apollo gamma probe allows for the detection of radiation for use during sentinel node biopsies. The Apollo's distinctive feature is its wireless and wired connectivity with the same probe. The Apollo uses Bluetooth technology and wired capability to eliminate any potential issues with connectivity, interference and charging - ensuring surgeries are completed without complication. 

With its wired and wireless functionality, the C-Trak Apollo gamma probe also eliminates instrument downtime due to charging restrictions. 

The Apollo allows for accurate and precise detection of radiation for use during sentinel node biopsies. This enhanced directionality allows for smaller incisions and in turn faster patient recovery. 

Software for the C-Trak Apollo has been reimagined, with improvements to its auto-ranging capabilities. This upgraded feature chooses the appropriate detection range depending on the number of counts detected. The software also now includes an easy toggle between I-125 and Tc-99m detection, new detection sounds, storage of calibration tests, and prompts for renewing calibration sources.

The C-Trak Apollo is currently in development. 

The C-Trak Apollo gamma probe has several key features:

  • Large touchscreen display for maximum visibility
  • Probes which provide the optimal balance between directionality and sensitivity
  • An automatic transcription of timed counts is stored
  • Save timed counts locally – for retrieval of counts at a later date
  • Fast calibration and enhanced diagnostics quickly ensure correct functioning
  • Multiple probes can be stored within for use in a range of procedures
  • Energy threshold and window technology for a variety of isotopes
  • Built-in user manual

The C-Trak Apollo is ideal for use in the following application areas:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Laparoscopic
  • Thyroid
  • Parathyroid


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